Jayesh Ranjan

Principal Secretary  Industries & Commerce (I&C) & Information Technology (IT) Government of Telangana


Jayesh Ranjan was born and brought up in Lucknow. Being an ‘only child’ he got undivided attention and love from his parents.


Both his parents played a major role in shaping his life and thought process. His calm and composed nature comes from his mother while his passion to serve society comes from his father.


He studied Maths and Psychology for his graduation. He then pursued his Masters in Psychology from the Delhi University and later he got selected for MBA in the very college that his dad had studied, IIM Calcutta.

IAS Examination

Selecting IAS as his Profession happened through an elimination process. He believes that one has to go beyond the conventional answers and add some original ideas to score high.

Connect with Hyderabad

Though he was born and brought up in Lucknow, when he arrived here in 1993, he felt home and did not find any difference as both the cities were slightly laidback with a slow-paced lifestyle.

Hyderabad is Home

He says the vibrancy, cosmopolitan culture, livelihood, and the fact that anyone from anywhere can come here and make a decent living makes Hyderabad a very welcoming city. 

Reeling through the Pandemic

While the pandemic allowed him to spend more time with his family, new dimensions were added to his work. He admits that he enjoys bringing results in these challenging times.

Relationship with Minister KTR​

He says that he is fortunate to be working with KTR as he is a leader with a different orientation and mannerism and adds, “KTR is highly focused and committed to driving results and serving our state.”

A Message to Entrepreneurs & Young Aspirants

Look within. Solve the problems of our nation and society before thinking of anything else. Think in a very original perspective, address the problems of the poor and the pressing needs of the vulnerable to improve their quality of living. 

What's in store for the FUTURE?

A massive change in the way business is conducted which will have to be more inclusive especially the disparity between management and workers.

Digitalization will play a more important role and give rise to new world applications in different walks of life.

A new set of human skills which include, having a helping attitude, empathy for others, going beyond your call of duty will become more important.

— Jayesh Ranjan

Jayesh Ranjan is a simple human being who sets superhuman examples simply by remaining grounded and following the motto

Count your Blessings

— Jayesh Ranjan

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