RV Karnan

Food Safety Department

R.V. Karnan, a top Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer, has not only won the recognition of a perfect civil servant position for himself by virtue of his continuous service to public health, especially food safety. Coming out of the backwoods in Tamil Nadu, Karnan’s twist of luck to become Telangana’s Food Safety Commissioner ended with a tangible proof of his hard work and staying power.
The moniker “Singham” and the nexus to Robinhood of the contemporary period were Dr. Karnan the moment he set foot at his workplace.

RV Karnan

 During just 72 days, he managed to scrutinize 129 different firms and facilities such as restaurants and pubs in Hyderabad, issued 90 show cause notices. His disposition challenging alertness of others and noncompliance licensees for hygiene slip-ups was the catalyst that gave him the title “dauntless” and the “un-bribable” person famous brands could not persuade with all their lobbying power and whom they often vilified for the mere fact of speaking the truth.

Karnan’s academics are as thrilling as his career. Despite the fact that he was raised in a small town, got gained 158th place in the 2012 civil services exam that is highly competitive. Before that, in 2007, he managed to bag the number one spot at the Indian Forest Services exam, showing his ability to develop one’s thinking process without need for outside coaching.

However, in Telangana, his activities include not only restraining but also reviving Hyderabad and it hopes that it will remain a culinary paradise full of the chefs. Deep surveillance and the frequent police raids are what Karnan orders one too many times as they threaten the health of the public and thus ensuring that the locals and tourists as well remain as before the time they entered the hygienic environment.

All in all, R.V. Karnan is exactly the person who shows others the principle of good character to Indian civil service, proving that a government can work well if not led for want of a good oversight, through examinations of all the legal standards prescribed, one by one.




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Government of Telangana

The Government of Telangana is a democratically elected body that governs the state of Telangana, India. It comprises of the Governor, Dr. (Smt.) Tamilisai Soundararajan who is the ceremonial head of the state, with a democratically elected Chief Minister, Sri Anumula Revanth Reddy, and his council of ministers who run the state.

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