Dr. A. Sharath, IAS

(Tribal Welfare) Secretary

  • Smt. A. Vani Prasad, a mature government official, devoted her life to public welfare and administrative efficiency. We live in an era where technology has become an integral part of our everyday life — technological civilization” was triumphantly declared in the context. Moving deeper her extraordinary course of life
Vani-Prasad iAS

M.Sc & MBA



Alma Mater



Early Years and Education:Being dedicated to service since her birth, she has acquired a good education without distraction through it. She has a bachelors degree in a field (I am unable to identify the particular degree).Her learning and the development of her community were the reasons behind her to be with IAS.

Born with a passion for service, Vani pursued her education with complete devotion to the subject and has a bachelors degree in a relevant field (specific details are not readily available).

Her commitment to learning and community development shaped her path toward the IAS.

IAS Journey:Yet another verification was made by her in 1995 when Vani Prasad was able to solve the tough problem which is to become an IAS officer and be proud of India.Her first fields she was posted on allowed her to experience all sorts of challenges: people living in rural areas who have no access to basic infrastructure such as roads and villages, and people with low-economic standing. Nevertheless, she stayed focused on the job and managed to help poor communities.

By 1995, Vani Prasad had passed the prestigiously competitive IAS examination and had become not only one of India’s leading bureaucrats but the best of them.

Her initial postings exposed her to diverse challenges—rural development, infrastructure gaps, and social disparities. Undeterred, she worked tirelessly to uplift marginalized communities.

Leadership Roles:Vani Prasad held important posts in the departments of different ministries. In particular, she was the Principal Secretary for the Environment, Forest, Science & Technology Department in the government’s secretariat.The time of her ruling policy saw the(m)ymost innovative environmental policies that knew to do the job, environmental conservation efforts, and scientific advancements.

The careers of Vani Prasad have been remarkable of coming from one department to next one.

Apart from being the Environment, Forest, Science & Technology Department Principal Secretary, she has held other key roles within several departments.

Her period in office pointed out innovative strategies, active and environmental programs and technology projects.

Recent Transfers: Vani Prasad was transferred recently to the position of Principal Secretary to Government, Youth Affairs, Tourism, Culture & Sports Department, inflicting the departure of one of the respected IAS officers.Apart from that, she has been assigned the Environmental Protection Training and Research Institute’s (EPTRI) full additional charge.

However, she was moved to the position of Principal Secretary to Government, Youth Affairs, Tourism, Culture & Sports Department last time by the administrative department. In the meantime, the incumbent IAS officer was transferred from this post to another one.

Legacy and Impact:Her impact is rooted in her actual deeds that are green campaigns, youth empowerment, or culture preservation.Transparent and efficiency-driven strategic management alongside community engagement have multiplied her exemplification of best practices in her community, thereby, fostering the next generation of civil developers.

Vani Prasad’s legacy lies in tangible improvements—be it sustainable practices, youth empowerment, or cultural preservation.

Her commitment to transparency, efficiency, and community engagement continues to inspire her peers and the next generation of civil servants.


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