Smt. Shruti Ojha, IAS

Women and Children Welfare Special Secretary

Smt. Shruti Ojha, a distinguished civil servant, has left an indelible mark on India’s administrative landscape. Born with a passion for public service, she embarked on a journey that would shape the lives of countless citizens.

Smt. Shruti Ojha, IAS

Early Years and Education: Hailing from a humble background, Shruti Ojha’s determination led her to pursue higher education. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Political Science from a prestigious university, where her academic prowess caught the attention of mentors who recognized her potential.

IAS Journey: In 2013, Shruti cracked the coveted IAS examination, securing a place among the nation’s brightest minds. Her first posting as a probationary officer was in a rural district, where she grappled with challenges ranging from infrastructure gaps to social disparities. Undeterred, she worked tirelessly to improve healthcare, education, and livelihoods.

Leadership Roles: Over the years, Shruti held pivotal positions across various departments. As a district collector, she championed women’s empowerment, emphasizing skill development and financial inclusion. Her tenure as a municipal commissioner witnessed innovative urban planning initiatives, transforming cities into vibrant hubs.

Education Reformer: Appointed as the Director of Intermediate Education, Shruti Ojha now spearheads educational reforms. Her vision extends beyond textbooks—she envisions holistic development, nurturing critical thinking and creativity. Under her leadership, the Board of Intermediate Education has revamped syllabi, introduced vocational courses, and fostered digital literacy.

Legacy and Impact: Shruti’s legacy lies in the lives she touched. From ensuring clean drinking water in remote villages to streamlining bureaucratic processes, she embodies the spirit of service. Her commitment to transparency, empathy, and efficiency inspires a new generation of civil servants.

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